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January to February

Open Call Group Show

An exhibition of small works
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Opening night celebration Sat Feb 6th 5-7pm
Exhibition runs Jan 23rd to Feb 10th


Despite of Flatness
Group show

Despite of Flatness brings together the work of previous and current students of the Graduate Certificate in Visual Art, from the Victorian College of the Arts. Most of the works were produced in 2020, whilst Victoria was in strict lockdown due to the global pandemic.

The exhibition celebrates the artists’ perseverance and determination to continue exploring new materials with curiosity, despite the limitations and challenges of last year. ‘Despite of Flatness’ invites the public to view the broad scope of works made under these testing circumstances, ranging from paintings to moving image, photography and sculpture.

Participating artists: Sophie Campbell, Jett Dalmau, Chrissie Demos, Olga Dziemidowicz, Yasmine Fauzee, Chelsea Hickman, Marie Honore, Prudence Illingworth, Nicholas Millen, Al Pomroy, Arjang Razzazian, Andrea Salcedo, Aditi Sawarkar, Rachel Wu, Tess Tweeddale, Krishna Mohajer and Sharon Evans.

Opening February 28th 5-7pm
Exhibition February 22 - Mar 3


Adrian Conti

A solo exhibition of work by Adrian
This exhibition is inspired by the subculture and graffiti art in Melbourne. My curiosity with graffiti and the art of tagging, didn’t come from New York or the hip hop culture, it came from seeing Tubby, Raffles and Zoltan tags popping up in local laneways in East Malvern in the early eighties.

From the mid-eighties to the early-nineties Melbourne was awash with graffiti, everybody had to have a tag. Artist from around Melbourne were feeding off each other style, pushing the art further away from its New York roots and into a style of its own. The tagging style was clean, neat and full of funk. To the everyday person, the graffiti all looked the same, they loved the colourful murals, but thought the rest was senseless vandalism. For me is was a thing of beauty, tagging was an ART and something to inspire by. The work in the exhibition pay homage to the graffiti artist of Melbourne and the unique style they developed.

Opening March 13th 5-7pm
Exhibition March 8 - 17


St Luke Artist Colourmen

An exhibition of work by the artists who work at St Luke Artist Colourmen

Opening March 27th 5-7pm
Exhibition March 22 - April 3


Kay Wood

A solo exhibition of work by Kay Wood

Exhibition April 8 - May 3


Michael Wedd

A solo exhibition of work by Michael Wedd

Exhibition May 8 - June 17


Steve Gray

A solo exhibition of work by Steve Gray
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Exhibition 21st June to 16th July


Aaron Hoffman

A solo exhibition of work by Aaron Hoffman

Exhibition 21 - 27 July


Kate Hendry

A solo exhibition of work by Kate

Exhibition 31st July - 26th Aug


Selwyn Hoffman

A solo exhibition of work by Selwyn

Exhibition Sept 1 - 11th


Karryn Argus and Mira Krulic

An exhibition of work by Karryn and Mira

Exhibition Sept 15th to Oct 10th


Sarah Wallace

A solo exhibition of work by Sarah

Exhibition 15th Oct to 9th Nov


Digital Aesthetic

A group show curated by Sue Beyer

Exhibition November 15 to 27th


Aaron Hoffman

A solo exhibition of work by Aaron

Exhibition November Dec 2nd to 9th


Christmas show

A group show

Exhibition Dec 14 to Jan 14



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