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Flux Top
An exhibition by Shan Dante and Holly Goodridge

Opening night Sat July 9th 5-7pm

10th - 29th July

'Flux Top' is a collaborative project between Shan Dante and Holly Goodridge, exploring the realms of 'otherness' through body, sound, and installation. The artists invite visitors to be transported within the space, witnessing a world outside the normative. Through the expression of body, form, and sound, modes of communication mutate into a personal, skewed translation based on learnt pedagogies instated within situated societal norms. Using the crux of queerness and portals as an opportunity to contrast these norms and open new pathways, ‘Flux Top’ is an exhibition of experience to remove the archaic and reinstate a state of 'newness' through the artist's recently developed work. Much like Dante and Goodridge's artistic practice of unlearning and relearning, 'Flux Top' allows the artists to create new acts of form and communication by destabilising systems and reconstructing chaos. Utilising Sandbox Studios as a new heterotopia of creation, expression, and development, Dante and Goodridge aim to expect the absolute unintended, indulging in a pandemonium of desire, disorder, and the unknown.

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