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We Are Data
An exhibition by Sue Beyer

Closing event: Saturday 27th August 5-7pm

We Are Data is an installation of Sue Beyer's latest work, in an experimental form, that will evolve over the duration of August.

Sue's work is process driven and falls under the umbrella of Metamodernist theory, which includes post digital and post internet concepts. In other words, my work is influenced and sometimes made using tools associated with the internet and digital processes but doesn’t necessarily talk about these things.

This exhibition uses a mix of electronic, painting and new media works, that reference data I gather from the internet and the physical world. Using various techniques the data is transformed and presented, to tell a story.

This combination of mediums will be presented as a digital combine, using different mediums layered on top of each other like a giant collage that can cover walls and floors. The installations are filled with information, and reference the overwhelming amount of data that can be accessed digitally and physically on any given topic on the internet or in real life.

Exhibition 19th - 27th August
Gallery open by appointment

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