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On the brink
A group exhibition by Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective

Opening night Sat June 4th 5-7pm

continues 3-12th June

An exploration of tipping points: ecological, psychological and social.

Each artist presents from their personal perspective - documenting the oppression of Earth & Self. Through our collective exploration we culminate hope and advocate for positive change.

Lucy Goosey Feminist Art Collective is a group of gender-diverse artists who create from within a feminist context. Subjects we explore include the female body, apathy, capitalism and consumerism, and the patriarchal systems that dominate our world.

We are a supportive and nurturing group of artists from diverse backgrounds. We seek to advance women and gender-diverse artists, create a culture of activism and a community of mutual support.

Exhibiting artists include Julie Twomey, Erin Cox, Jo Massey, Georgia Laughton, Luna Cameron-Parrish, Katie Theodorus, Emily King and Janice McEwan.

Slightly used, very clean chakras
An exhibition by Lynden Stone

Opening night Sat June 18th 5-7pm

17th - 28th June

SLIGHTLY USED, VERY CLEAN CHAKRAS is the latest version of Lynden Stone’s project, Sacred Gaia Healing™. This project parodies devious capitalist tactics that target New Age naivety. The exhibition is in the guise of a Spirit Expo where you can buy Bio-aquatic mammal food (feed dolphins what they really want to eat); and Save the Trees! Tote bag - 100% paper-free 100% polythylene terephthalate as well as other essential products and services for spiritual healing and growth. The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot have been recast for the New Age with contemporary imagery and meanings. Intuitive Financial Solutions simply groks into the spirit of your financial needs and, as a special Expo opportunity, Sacred Gaia Healing™ offers indulgences for the absolution of your karmic sins.

Lynden Stone performs Sacred Gaia Healing’s™ director and spiritual guru, Angelica Leight. Stone’s partner, Robert Quinlan performs Marketing Manager and Chakra Replacement Expert, Runceley Chaser. Quinlan also contributes to the concept development of the project.

The Sacred Gaia Healing™ project has been shown in Brisbane, Sydney, Mullumbimby, and Uki. Angelica and Runceley claim to have also taken their Spiritual Healing Expo Remedies for the New Age to Ubud, Sedona, Maui, Glastonbury and Dharamsala.

Angelica and Runceley travel the world visiting their platinum clients. Angelica has commissioned a series of portraits celebrating her spiritual humanitarian work with important world leaders.

Meet Angelica and Runceley at the opening of the exhibition for some shameless peddling of spiritual advice and chakra cleansing.

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