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She Smiles Like A River
An exhibition by Kay Wood

Exhibition 8 April - 3 May

Wood’s work has long focused on the complex interweaving of utility and aesthetics in the way people attend to the things of the world. In conjunction is a fascination for the geometric substrate of all life and form. Working from a mundane subjective position is found to yield unusual insight, for the artist. Repetition and recycling and staying grounded in present day materiality have led to the examination of structural narratives of self in space and time. The ‘usefulness’ of stories is examined through abstraction where things are removed from context and enlivened to reinvigorate the past, whilst remaining firmly in the present.

Paraphrasing Dr Sarah Hegenbart, the work as action and the works as things act as tangible moments, a chronicle of exploration as the artist negotiates with existence - reminding us that the artist’s trajectory is a sensory reflection of individual experience of the world.

Gallery open Wed to Sun 12-4pm during the exhibition or by appointment.

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